The People’s Democratic Festival

Geoop participates in the Folkemøde on Bornholm

The green transition is in full swing, and we are living and seeing the changes. We have four sources of fossil-fuel-free energy; wind, sun, water and geothermal, and they have to match our expectations to the security of supply, risk and investment potential. It is a delicate balance; however, with resilience in the back of our mind, we can demonstrate how to support the transition for the benefit of environment and climate.

Let’s talk about merging wind power with heat pumps and geothermal heating to create a winning combination for the common good.

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Denmark’s Democratic Festival on Bornholm takes place on June 13.-16. 2019.

Folkemødet is a meeting between people and politicians, where Bornholm provides the venue for Danish politicians to debate current political issues. All events are free and within walking distance of each other.